New user needs help with carousel

Maybe there’s something I’m missing. I just purchased Blocs. How do I add images to a carousel?

Hi Garry,

You can simply click on the Image place holder in the sidebar (after selecting the carousel bric). You can also use the dropdown menu to add more slides.


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Thanks, it is just confusing. If the pictures aren’t scaled 1200x500 they mess everything up. It is kind of restrictive. I just have to get use to working with the blocks the way they are.

Hi @Binks, yes for the carousel bric, all the images need to be the same dimension for it to work well.

What you can do is over-ride the default behaviour of the carousel, so it works no matter the size. It will crop images when needed though.

It would be better to add the “carousel-inner” to the class manager so its easy to set the height and width you want for each breakpoint. The other class needs to be added to the page header.

.carousel-inner {
 height: 500px;	
.carousel-item img {
  background-size: cover!important;
  background-position: center!important;