New version of Blocs Templates website



In addition to releasing the Event template, which I have shared last week, I have also updated the design and feel of

Any feedback on the website is highly appreciated.



Wow! Love the site. Clean and crazy cool effects. Great JOB!


Thanks! :slight_smile:


@Eldar this is cool. very good job. i love it. :+1:


Love the new templates site. Very cool effects. As always the event template rocks.



Wow! How do you manage to do this thing with “day 1, day 2, day 3, day4” making appearing different contents.
Do you do it natively with Blocs?


:+1: super



Yes, I use only Blocs for my templates.

I embedded the section of the same website into the page using perfectly sized iframe.



Hum, I was thinking it was something like that.
I have to learn to embed things. Seems super useful.
You’re doing a great job that I find inspiring for Blocs community.


Thanks for kind words!

Yeah, embedding can be very useful, as long as you make sure it functions well and looks great not only on desktop, but also on tablet and smartphones (it can be challenging sometimes).


Yes, especially for people like me who knows nothing about coding. So, I’ll have to put my nose on it to understand how it works.


I understand that you create a responsive embeded frame, but how do you manage to “order” the button to change this frame?


Finally I understood how you’ve done it.
It’s pretty cool.
Very good job.
I won’t ask you how you do to make your computer screen change while sliding down. You have to keep some secrets :wink:



Sorry for late reply, I forgot to answer you yesterday. For buttons, they are places on individual pages of the same project, an they get embedded the same way as the schedule itself.

As for changing screens while sliding down, it’s very easy. Just take two same pictures with only different screen, and enable the parallax effect on both. You will see that only the screen will change on scroll.

If you have any questions, let me know! There are no secrets in Blocs Community! :slight_smile:



He He. Yes, I understood it while trying on my own.
It’s good, because I was trying to do something like that playing with visibility, but it was the mess. Your solution is way better.
For the screen and parallax it’s pretty smart. I might try to do something like that one day.
Thanks again :slight_smile:


Back to your old version of the website? Make a template of the previous :grinning:



I’m not back to the old version :slight_smile: it’s quite opposite. I rebuilt the site using Blocs 3 from scratch, but I have decided to make it a bit simpler this time. Too busy with rebuilding all templates with Blocs 3, so I don’t have time to manage a complex Blocs Templates website.

What part of the previous version do you want to see in my templates?



The one of your website with the changing background of templates on the Mac screen :slight_smile: