New Version of Music Template

Hi guys,

I have released the new version of Music Template, so I thought I would share it here.
To check the demo, visit:

I am still working on a new update to Mastering Blocs, which will include a few videos covering this template. By the way, this month’s update is focused on Custom Classes.



This newly designed Blocs project just show us all how talented you really are especially with Blocs 3!
Anyone who wants to learn the inside workings of Blocs ought to check out @Eldar’s Blocs Templates and Tutorials. Learn for the best!


Thank you @KBConcepts

I can’t wait to finish rebuilding all templates and take on completely new challenges, which will embrace new features of Blocs 3 like tabbed content, accordions, modals, etc!

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Nice template, as usual. However, I did notice that the menu is different in the single page version than in the multi-page version. The highlight bar remains visible on the active page in the multipage site, but not on the single page site - is this deliberate?


For the single page version, I used just one menu instead of multiple menus like I did in the previous version. It looked cool, but it was more difficult to make changes, which is not good considering it is a one page website. For the multi page version, I think the active page effect is worth the amount of additional work.


Agreed, It is nice to see what page you’re on and I guess it doesn’t matter with a single page site - there is only one page anyway. Nice work Eldar - look forward to more to come.

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