New wafer website

Greetings to all and happy new year 2022!

Here is a new website! Any comment is welcomed!


Greetings to all!


Beautifully Designed :smile:
When does the store open? Buy Now, did not do anything. :frowning:

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Nice site, but you need to optimise your images. The one below, in particular, is way too big. It delays loading of the page. Use imageOptim to get your file sizes down.

Thank you! the buy now button adds the product to the cart if I’m not wrong!

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I think he’s assuming Buy Now takes you straight to cart. Not adding to basket. I would too, but it maybe a translation thing.

Is this Ecwid? (I’m only viewing on iPad). If so, they must have done some things to speed it up. It’s snappy for me.

yes, ecwid is one of my favorite platforms at the moment!


@nelo, now that Ecwid is owned by LightSpeed (excellent POS by the way). It will be interesting to see the development that takes place.

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