New website being built - feedback desired

Hey all,

I’ve been working with Blocs now for about 3-4 months and overall, I really love it. I’ve built several websites from scratch the old-fashioned way with HTML, CSS and JS/jQuery. I’m more of an designer than a coder, so Blocs has been a Godsend to me. I still have much to learn however, but @Norm has been awesome, and this forum is very active and robust, so I’m excited and optimistic about the future of Blocs. I have many things on my wish list, and am sure over time, Blocs will just keep getting more and more rubust.

I would love some feedback on this website I’m building. All thoughts and feedback welcome. I’m wanting to learn and get better with Blocs. I only have a home page just yet and so many links won’t work yet. I’m seeking feedback on the overall look, feel, design and responsive-related functionality.

Warm Regards, - Randy

You may not be aware that the top section doesn’t look correct on a large 27inch monitor.

It’s fine if you reduce the browser width. I normally use full width images at least 2000px wide and ensure they are centred.

@David, THANK YOU! I was not aware of that as I don’t have a 27" to test on!

@David, I don’t have a 27" iMac to test on but did find an online simulator. On there it works fine, so wondering why you experienced problems with it… perhaps I’ve updated it since you tried, so if you don’t mind trying again, I’d appreciate it. Here’s the simulation website if you’re interested in trying it there as well…

And here’s a screenshot of the website on that simulator site:

I agree it looks correct on the simulator site but still not right on my 27inch monitor. Just as a thought my monitor is connected to a 15inch Macbook Pro and is not an iMac (using Firefox as a browser). I’ve just looked at it using Safari and still get the problem.
I might suggest you look at purchasing Solis (In this blog and launched today). It’s 30% off for a couple more days and works seamlessly with Blocs. You can specify any screen sizes and is an invaluable tool for Blocs users.

@David, I did purchase it but haven’t had enough time to figure out how to use it yet! Is there a starter tutorial or user forum just for Solis, or is this the forum for it? Warm Regards, - Randy

Norm has been helpful in posting this link.
The vital setting is in the Blocs app: Check “Enable Canvas Broadcasting”.
Keep an eye in this blog as I’m sure there will be lots of help and ideas over time.