New website BLUEDZIGN!

Hi Guys,
I just finished my new site using Blocs! There are a few sections I need to update but let mw know what you think. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Overall I like the design. I do have a few issues. No Menu? When you go the the mobile version it shows a Hamburg menu that does nothing? I think it should have some type of menu, I don’t like looking at your portfolio and always having to hit the back button. I think it warrants some categories.

I love the name but I dislike the logo. A first glance I thought it was something in a different language. Having Blue and Dezign looking like one word even makes it harder to figure out what it says. In my opinion the name itself is very catchy why make it hard to figure out what it says?

Again just my opinion, others may really like it. Good work!

I agree with Casey’s comments.

Personally I hate the “DZIGN” version of design and I think it will work against you, but I might be entirely wrong. For me it is a dated idea that won’t appeal to some clients, but perhaps that’s not true where you are.

I think the logo is also not simple to interpret - it presents as a block then you have to interpret the letters in an unusual font. I kind of resent the effort it took to interpret the logo.

When items are associated with each other I expect them to be in closer proximity than things that are not associated with that group. So I expect the spacing of headings and sub headings and associated content to show that association by proximity.

In the “selected works” section it’s not easy to tell if the labeling is about the image above or below and the only way to know is because the section starts with pictures followed by text, not text followed by pictures. If the general principles of association and hierarchy were observed that ambiguity would not exist.

As Casey says, not having a menu or any form of navigation or logo on the sub pages is not great.
I really dislike the idea of putting a “request a quote” form on multiple pages. Whenever I see that I think “these guys are desperate” - I get clients that want to do the same and I talk them out of it. If you have any research to show this is a good idea I’d love a link to it.

The content posted looks good, but there’s not much on the pages to give them much personality and a feel for how you are to work with. I feel that pages with a bit more text to give a hint about your work and professional passion and client problem-solving skills would be an improvement. As it is we have to pick that up from the end result. That’s just my opinion. It feels a bit like “this is what I/we do, take it or leave it”.


I would add that the hero image is way too large at 2.6 mb. Given that its a darkened background image, you should optimise it to get under 500kb - preferably to about 250kb.


Thanks Casey for the feedback. I’ll be making some much needed adjustments today.

+1 for the navigation.

Also… the hover on the Portfolio images loads a new image to achieve the effect. This extra image is not needed. Use css to alter images on hover. You can tint or use opacity. here’s the opacity css since it’s simpler.

#portfolio img:hover { opacity: 0.5; transition: opacity .5s; }

Why the web charge so slow in the broswer? It happens the same things with mine! The imagens take ages to loard