NEW Website Bluemelade Flowershops

Hey Guys, here I show you my newest website for your inspiration:

Your feedback and your improvements are welcome.


Nice website on mobile. Photography is beautiful! My only suggestion is the transitions/animations are a little slow. Nice dramatic effects but gets in the way of site speed.

Mal wieder ei sehr ausgewogenes Gesamtbild.
Von der Datenschutzseite vielleicht noch ein Klick oben aufs Logo um einfach zur Startseite zurĂĽckzukommen.

Excellent as always.
But I prefer a sticky navigation.

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Exzellente Arbeit! Würde die Leute nach oben nehmen, Datenschutz auch linksbündig, da ist das Logo unter dem Bild defekt. Vielleicht beim „Hamburger” ein Blumen svg :slight_smile:

Excellent work! If people would take it up, data protection also left-justified, there is a defective logo under the picture. Maybe a flower svg at the “Hamburger”.


Thanks for your feedback. The Impressum and Datenschutz was broken. I fixed it. Now its better :slight_smile:

It looks great. I especially like the semi-translucent gradient that slides over the main image at loading/ reloading. The colour mask and/or saturation on the images is very good; matching the colour scheme perfectly. The combination of very large heading/ caption text with the paragraph font size, and the photo work make it feel like a high-end, lifestyle magazine feature.

Tolle Arbeit!

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Hi @RME ,

Another great website, nice and clean and is easy to navigate.

The one thing I would change, but that is something we have no control over at the moment is the speed of scroll to target, but Norm is looking at this soon - can’t wait till this happens.

Keep up the great work - keep safe.

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Beautifully presented website! :grinning:

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