New website build on Blocs with Tab Anything Bric

My newest website entirely builded with Blocs and the excellent Bric Tab Anything Pro:
It is dedicated for parents and their children, offering activities and consultations in Geneva, Switzerland.

It is over 10 years that they are my client, with 3 versions of website build with Joomla. But I was tired of developing on this CMS which is too big and heavy with dependencies on various extensions which regularly breaks after core Joomla updates.

I already made 3 websites with Blocs, but it is the first of its kind with that amount of content. We intentionally had an approach graphically simple, clear with only 1 background image and a custom typo. As we are doing each year a printed programme with an original graphic design, we’ll be able to update the website with just the background illustration of the year.

There were (and are still) some issues needed to be addressed which required extra time to be resolved but I’m very satisfied with the actual stability of Blocs although I sticked to v4.2.2 for that project.

Feedback and comments welcome :blush:


Hi @svimic

Really like it ! we do not see much like this in Blocs and this is really nice and tidy and nice use the brilliant Tab Anything Pro bric.

The only thing I would loved to have seen - and this is no criticism of your work, as this is brilliant - is personally as a visitor/user to the website would liked to have seen some images, maybe on the tab section on the right hand side bring some images in at times representing that section if possible.

But other than that - brilliant !

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Thanks for your feedback @AdieJAM .
I understand your point with images and have thought of adding some. But finally they would be more enjoyable on higher breakpoints and disturbing on smaller ones. But we might add some in the future and/or have a gallery page with original pictures taken in the school (that was the case in the previous Joomla website).

Very nice, love the design and your use of TA Pro :grinning: :+1:


Love the simplicity and functional aspect, makes you want to click on everything.

Lovely backdrop

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