NEW Website Cityapartment


Hey, I created a minimalist simple website. It’s a different page because there are no pictures, just text and a flat design. I hope you like it anyway.


I like the colors, something different. RME and your line decorations. :grinning: Always a little something extra. I like it, nice job.



Yes, I like it. It stands out pleasantly from the Landingpage monotony.


really nice visually, elegant colors (I only speak/read English so I’m uncertain what it says).

I wonder if the diagonal lines were somehow slightly animated, perhaps fade-in, or slide into place in a simple way, if this would provide an extra polish detail…just a thought.

I really like your consistent design sensibility – colors & compositions & detailing, are always fresh and signature to you!


Cool simple design. Love the sliding gallery.


Very cool design. On large breakpoint, maybe add a sticky navigation with narrow translucent background to allow users to quickly access all sections without manual scrolling or going back to home section?