New Website created with Blocs

Hi Guys,

Just wanted some thoughts on the website I created for my wifes business. I’m also struggling to get the pop up on the Contact page to remember returning visitors seems to pop up every time you go to the page

Shires Psychotherapy

A good start, but it has some issues ( besides the pop-up). The popup seems unnecessary - just leave it as a permanent section on the form page.

Home page

I don’t think it was a good idea to put social media links at the top of the page - you are squeezing your “hero” message down the page, reducing it’s impact.

I don’t find the heavy handwritten font easy to read - make it lighter in weight.

I think the contact button looks a bit desperate on the home page. Nobody is reading the home page and then pressing it - they will look through the other pages first.

The logos at the base of the pages are stretched.

About page

I think the text weights on headings could be stronger to differentiate their hierarchy.
One of the paragraphs isn’t left-justified.

I don’t think the About page should follow home, but I may be wrong. I think that as a client I want to know what’s on offer before knowing about who’s delivering the service.

Therapy page

Where there are drop down for therapy details, it results in ugly long columns with empty space at the side. Instead toggle horizontal blocs with twin text columns.

I think what you treat should come before how you treat it.

Therapy room page

The interiors look great but my first impression of the outside is that it’s a posh shed. I would ditch the exterior shot. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the mini-room, it’s just identifies how small your practice is. It might reduce people’s confidence if they expect a “proper” clinic.

The contact page

I really don’t like the clock image. I understand why you chose it - the time of an appointment - but clock faces aren’t relaxing or empathetic. I’d like to see some empathetic image associated with the contact form.

Stick to the same font sizes for paragraph text across all pages - it varies.

There’s no way to know which page you are on. The navigation gives no clue, so I’d like to see some indication on the page before the content.

Hope that is helpful.


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One suggestion is you should make the SHires Logo smaller file size and dimension …it’s 3300+ pixels! 3,399px × 1,791px (scaled to 380px × 200px)
Way bigger than necessary.
The Alt text is missing for the logo image “Shires Psychotherapy”
The Meta Description could be improved as well
The Keywords are entered twice somehow…

Just “Shires Psychotherapy etc…” would be better…no need for “home page”…
No need to even fill out the Keywords meta tag…it’s not used any more…even though it’s there.
Nice looking site for therapy. I would avoid using background images where possible.
At least change the image file name to “shires-psychotherapy-field” a little better if someone ever comes across it in images
Generally search likes larger images …improves the “possibility” of coming up in more searches.
Your old logo still comes up. Much nicer site now…

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