New Website Design for my Employer Business

A month ago, I was looking for a job and found this Business that specializes in PC and Phone Repairs. I talked to the Owner and he gave me a technician job and the freedom to redesign their website during my training period.

Here is the current site:

Here’s my design that I’m working on:

They seemed pleased with it but I really want more professional feedback from better Blocs users. Just like my last thread: Don’t hold back.

  • 1 - Horrible
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  • 5 - Excellent

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What I found not so well was, that the images are becoming squashed when resized. For example the faces become very thin. Otherwise super :+1:

As pointed out by @StFoldex, your images are getting squashed when the browser window resizes. This is caused when you add dimensions to your images. Instead of trying to add specific sizes to images you should instead leave Blocs to size the images for you. By default, they will scale according the the size of the column containing the image. By leaving blocs to do its thing, the images will scale proportionately at all screen sizes. If you need to make the images smaller, its better to resize the containing column - the narrower the column, the smaller the image will be. If, for some reason you need to add specific dimensions to an image, you should create a custom class and manually add dimensions to each breakpoint. This way, you can maintain the aspect ratio of your images by specifying a width and height.

Im not a big fan of large drop shadows on buttons, but thats personal choice really. Your first slide on the carousel in mobile view has a really thick drop shadow but its removed on that breakpoint for the other slides.
Some of the flow order on mobile is inconsistent, but it does take a lot of time to have your content display and flow nice across multiple breakpoints.

Good job though, it’s a good update to their old site. Keep doing and learning :grinning:

Thanks everyone for your critiques and suggestions.