NEW Website diagnostik-a

Hey guys, a new simple website is online. There is nothing special, but I hope you like it anyway.
Have a look at


Very clean :slight_smile: what version of Blocs App are you using? I’ve noticed that you have a loader on mobile??? @Norm, the latest Blocs doesn’t have??

I’m using 2.5.1 Why did you ask?

I’m using the same thing but the loader is not appearing on my site’s built on that version hehe

I did change the blocs.js manually.

To manually bring back the spinner in Safari. Export your project and select to not minify the blocs.js.
Open the Blocs.js file and remove line 18.

Looks good.

I’d use heading & bold emphasis on the privacy/disclaimer section so different parts are differentiated. It’s a bit of a sea of text.

@pauland Thank you. i understand what you mean.I know the disclaimer page is not user-friendly. but welcome to the european union. this is necessary for websites beginning may 2018. Nobody will read this. But our politicians are happy. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Sorry for the german language now:
Das wusste ich gar nicht.
Darf ich deinen Text vom disclaimer übernehmen?

Ich habe es mit e-recht erstellt. Jede Webseite muss kündigt mit SSL verschlüsselt sein und diesen Disclaimer zum Datenschutz haben. Des Weiteren wird der Coookiehinweis Pflicht. Die spinnen.

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There’s an odd mark. I think it’s not required there… :neutral_face:

In der Tat. (Yes indead)

I live in the EU and the disclaimer page can be made far more readable. Here in the UK we can blame the EU for a lot of things, but a web page layout is not one of them!

thank you. i did remove it.

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:wink: I don’t understand the sense of the new law. cookie note, disclaimer, privacy notice, ssl rule etc.
In Germany, administrative offenses will be punished with a fine of up to € 50,000. :thinking:

It’s to protect us. Look at the whole Cambridge Analytica affair. Do you really want unscrupulous companies harvesting even more of your data. At least the cookie policy is a reminder that you are being watched - and you can choose to deny a cookie if you wish.

There’s a good explanation here. The data leaks that have affected major companies are the tip of the iceberg.