NEW Website for my MOM - your opinions?

Here is a really simple site I did for my mom with BLOCS, she is a Russian psychologist. :grinning:
It includes pages like “Start page”, “About me” , “Services”, “My articles” and “Contacts”.

Will be happy to hear your opinions, some ideas to make site look better, etc. Thanks in advance! :upside_down_face:


The site is without any animations, my mom doesn’t like them, and you know… some people can be impatient/ nervous to wait animation to finish

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Very nice, I really like it. :ok_hand:

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Hi @ksenia,

Great work! Great use of visibility feature to create unfolding blog posts. Maybe just make the width of the excerpt and the text content the same, otherwise, nice and simple looking website.


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Nice site - your Mom must be pleased.

One tiny thing - for the future perhaps - if you have a heading with associated text following it, try and keep the heading itself closer to the text that follows it than to whatever is above. Leave a little space above the heading, not so much below it.

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My wife is Russian/Ukrainian, but I still needed Google translate отлично сработано

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Да, вьI правильно заметили. Я подравняла картинки с заглавиями с основньм текстом, смотрится гораздо лучше. Спасибо большое!статьи.html

yes, I just noticed one page had exactly this small problem, it wasn’t clear enough. I made some corrections, it looks much better now. Thank you a lot! :sunny:

Not bad for a basic site.

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