NEW Website Hairapartment - update-

Hey, the website has been completely renewed. All your comments are welcome.


Very nice design !!!

Only the fonts I think are a bit big like you can see on the attached picture. Prices doesn’t fit well on mobile

A very nice website. The header font looks like Didot HTF, which is beautiful but expensive.

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Very nice website, looks so elegant and love the times style font… :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:

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How you do the cookie message ? Because when click “agree” and go for example on “Leistungen” and then back to home the message show again …

And when you don’t agree and click for example “Leistungen” the message don’t show …
So I think it not the free cookie consent Osana


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very nice and clean…well done

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Hi @tom2 i‘m not happy with it. It is just a sticky bloc. Unfortunately there are no working alternatives for me. So this is the solution for the moment. I don’t like the flag from the cookie bric and the codes from @Pealco doesnt work anymore.

Hello @RME What snippet is not working?

@RME are you here?

Sorry for my late reply. I’m at holiday. unfortunately, no cookie snippet works in my projects.

If you mean modal with cookie, you have to clear cache to try it every time, as the cookies were stored in your browser. Go to my site and you will find a DELETE COOKIE button.

Very nice website! How did you achieve that testimonial carousel? :slight_smile:

Hey @mackyangeles the testimonial carousel are just images.

Hi @Pealco sure, I did clear the cache every time. The snippets worked fine with blocs 3.3. Since 3.4 it doesnt work. I don’t understand why the model not appears.

@RME, did you turn off lazy load when export?
Yesterday I upgrade the site and used the last public stable version. And everything is working.

Note: Did you change the code for the last version? In the site I upgraded the way it calls the funcion… But it was about 6 months ago.

Hi boy, very good work!

just a question: how you do for the menu ? (there apperars on scroll down)

can you explain me . ?

thanks in advance

Hey Tommy, It is a bit complicated and difficult for me to explain in English. I ll try it later.

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Hey, the code works fine now. I turned of lazy loading and don’t minify. This is very important. Otherwise it doesn’t work. Thanks. It is possible to write a code for a cookie modal at the border of the site? What do you think?

Can you explain please?

The snippets doesn’t work with lazy loading and minify html / blocs / CSS.

I would like to have a cookie modal like these. I don’t like a modal in the middle of the site.