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Hey, happy new year to all. New Year - new project. I did build a website for a holiday home in the black forest. Hope you like it. I appreciate your feedback.

Many thanks to @MDS for the help with the navigation :slight_smile:


Nice looking website. Beautiful and clean.
I found the loading time too slow for each of the tabs on my Desktop. I’m using a wired connection to my Gigabit modem. I can’t imagine what it would be like on a mobile device. Those visiting the site may not wait, but go to another provider.

Hi @KBConcepts thanks for your opinion. the average loading time is 0,14 sec. i did optimise the images. is this problem with other users too?

I’m not sure my friend, unless it’s because I’m in California.
I have checked out several websites that others have requested to have a look at and very few had this issue. I’m not a professional website builder like most of you. I’ve been with Blocs since v2, so I’m learning.

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Congratulations @RME :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I really like the site, it’s clean, airy and has nice images.

I noticed that the order of the lightbox galleries aren’t in actual order.
If you click the first image you expect arrow right to show next image but it doesn’t.
And on the “hirschlehaus” if you click the first lightbox image and next and next… you only get three images… (image 1, 6 and 7)

I’d also thry to optimize the images further.
One 250 KB image maybe doesn’t seem way to big but ten x 250 kb on a page is 2,5 MB which is a bit much… especially if you’re on a mobile or have crappy internet.
The “hirschlehaus” page alone has 2,8 MB of images.

I tested one of your images quickly on Squoosh and at 60% it came down from 217 kb to 91 kb and it still looks great.
Another great app is ImageOptim in which you can simply drop dozens of images at once, even svg, gif, png and jpg’s at the same time.

Cheers / Johny

the loading time is very important. when you use a lot of images the problem is the balance between quality and size. I did optimize all pictures with

@Jakerlund i ll try it with squoosh. The Lightbox thing is a bug in B3. I did report it before.

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There are of course lots of apps and online pages that can optimize and there’s no “one setting” that is best. Some images can be optimized A LOT and others not so much.
The more details the less it can be optimized.

Don’t optimize an already optimized image.
I usually save my original image in the size I need it for and around 75-85% quality, then do the optimization.

So I optimized the pictures again. more is not possible. I hope the loading time is much better now. What do you think?

Just had a look. Downloads super fast - no issue here and no dealy.

Nice site as usual. Just a perhaps little issue with buttons viewed on iPhone portrait:


hey, thanks.
oh f*** this is always the same with the buttons if they side by side :-/

Solved. Thanks.

@RME, nice design like always :slight_smile:
The site also loads very fast for me.

I only noticed, that the “Belgungskalender” no not works for the “Hirschelhaus”

it is an iframe. not sure why it was not displayed.

Hi @RME,

Checked your website too. Looking good.
Same problem with the “Belgungskalender”.

At " Ferienwohnung Seebachtal ****" the Button seems not to work.
At " Ferienwohnung Bärental ****" it enlarge the white space, but showing nothing.

Maybe you can have a look at it.

Have a great day!


when I watch the page on tablet the picture are not correct …
On mobile there is one picture and than a text. after that the next picture and then the next text etc …