New website holiday home

Hey, i just launched a new simple website. it is almost finished. i would like to know your opinions on the site. all comments are welcome. Thanks.

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It may be simple but it’s excellent.
All the informations you need for booking etc are easy to find and the design is tasteful.
I found a misspelling:
The “n” is missing.

One suggestion would be to take some of those images and correct the parallax …easy to do and it would look more professional than “leaning back” images.
I’m not a big fan of “one pagers” …lots of reasons.
If I were a competitor I could convince the client to have a bit more content and separate it into pages with the navigation going to those pages instead of scrolling. It’s better for SEO.

I would say the site will work and is perfectly acceptable. It should be secure though (https).

The colour scheme may show some cultural influences and here in the UK, the colour theme isn’t my favourite - that green is reminiscent of a popular colour chosen for bathrooms back in the 1970’s here in the UK. It may well be very popular now in Switzerland.

The English language copy is functional rather than flowing and is perfectly acceptable given the context. No copywriter using English would write in the same way (it would be the same as a natural English speaker writing German copy - you have to be very fluent to do a good job).

Some parts of the English translation I don’t understand - for example: “Participation in all invited guest animation programs”. Animation?

The form has a checkbox “YOU MUST AGREE…” . Agree to what? I think it’s intended to be a GDPR conditions agreement, but it’s not at all clear.

Niggles aside - good job.

That may be, but the site is Swiss!

Thanks - I corrected it. We don’t need any international incidents!

Clean an well structured site, I like it :+1:

Thanks for your feedback. Will make a few changes.