NEW Website is online

Hi Guys, I build a new website with blocs for a wedding planer and event planer. any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.


Looks pretty good to me. The client should be happy.

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VERY NICE SITE!!! Love it! Question and I need your help haha how did you achieve the same height panels?

@mackyangeles thanks. Do you mean the panels at the starting page?

Yes, actually all of your panels have same height. Cool! Teach me hehe

I made a custom class for the panals. there i set the height and width to auto and added a border. then I gave the text a custom class with a fixed height and made sure that the text is about the same length.
then I customized the custom classes for tablets and smartphone.

I am sure, there is better way to do that. unfortunately that’s very difficult in blocs.

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I’ll try this hehe :slight_smile:

You have done well to find this solution. I think we need a tick box option to apply something like matchheight.js.

That would be great!

@Norm is the man to ask :wink:

How do you implement this? Hehe planing to do a side by side image and panel, then I need to equal the height :slight_smile:

I wish I knew exactly. In Rapidweaver there is a stack called Matchheight that can be placed around columns to ensure they are always the same height. It’s basically just a bit of coding, but I’m not sure how we would apply that inside a Blocs project. I’ll try some experiments.




It’s a great work! One of the best Blocs sites I have ever seen.

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Einfach nur super.
Tolle, dem Inhalt entsprechende Farben und gute UI.

Ein ganz kleines Ding, was mir allerdings sofort ins Auge stach…
… die Reihenfolge der Panels und die Anordnung im Menu.
Ich hätte die wohl identich gemacht. :rofl::joy:



Very good work.
A very clean and agile product. I really like the work you’ve done.

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Hey vielen Dank. Du hast Recht. Ich werde die Reihenfolge ändern.

Warum wir Deutschen bloß immer so pingelich sein müssen…

Great looking site. From the choice of pictures to the elegant design.

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Very nice job!

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Very nice website! Beautiful photos, for sure attractive for new customers. Only, a pity that some photos need a correction, a bit over-exposed, black is not black. Nevertheless my compliments for your work with Blocs, class!