NEW Website is online


Sorry, I forgot to mention, that on my new MacBook Air with Firefox I get no homepage, but the menu items in text. In Safari it works perfectly.


hi BLB, thanks for your feedback. Could you explain, whats wrong with firefox?


Firefox 59.0b6 works fine here.
Oder: Hier geht alles mit Firefox 59.0b6.


Hi RME, when I clicked on your website address in your message (Firefox 5.8 in H. Sierra) I got a text page, but now in Firefox 5.9 it works perfect. So, please forget it. Good Luck with your nice site.


This is outstanding – I can learn a lot just by looking through this site. Ich danke Ihnen für das Teilen


Thank you. I appreciate it very much.


I think a tick box would be the smartest solution - great idea @Flashman


Nice site, but the contact form on every single page seems desperate and unnecessary. It insults the visitor’s intelligence that they can’t use the contact reference on the menu. There are even TWO contact forms on the contact page!

I’d like to see the first page have a lot more content.