New website

Hello to the Community of Blocks.

A new little website for my son’s project de crowdfunding.

Thanks for your comments.


Great work! Very clean :slight_smile:

Thanks @ Eldar.

I follow all your courses and your templates and I use them to make some of my websites

Thanks also to the entire Community and contributors of the Blocs forum

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Nice site and lovely artwork and photography. Best of luck with the project.

Thanks @Pauland.

The project can see it here:

In the first 3 hours the minimum amount had already been covered and there are still 39 days to finish.

Beautiful job, stylish and controlled - congratulations!

Thanks @Douglas

With Blocs it is easy to develop web pages


Really nice use of design elements and certainly supports the “less is more” aesthetic I appreciate in web design these days.

Well done!

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Nice work :+1:t4: :+1:t4:

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thanks @blocman94 @Nyokhix for your words.

With Blocs you can get very good designs

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