New website launch from Pete : Malachiman

Hi all,

Sorry If i have jumped the gun here and announced it before Pete has, but many here might not have known @Malachiman has launched his new website and custom bric (free)

Another great helper on this forum. If anyone has not seen his website and youtube channel I have posted them below.

Great website and work - looking forward to new Brics etc, well done Pete.

YouTube: LINK


Good luck, Pete.

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New site, I’m so jealous!

Best of luck @Malachiman!


Thanks @AdieJAM :rofl:

It was up, but I was still ironing out a few things. I’m off today to celebrate our wedding anniversary. So if something is broken :crossed_fingers: it won’t be fixed today :grin:

Thanks everyone.


Congrats with the launch of your site, Pete! And happy anniversary to you and your wife!

Best regards,

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Thanks for all your help @Malachiman!
Wish you good luck with your new site, especially your services!
Have a good weekend, celebrating your anniversary!

Cheers, Michael

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Happy Anniversary Pete! Have a great day.


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One of the little treats coming from @Malachiman is a new bric that provides a flexible space above the footer, so no more need to add extra structure blocs to allow for larger displays on pages with little content or think about the differences between mobile and desktop.

I have been beta testing this, which involved the arduous task of adding a bric to the page and pressing the preview button, so I felt fully justified in adding this to my CV as co-developer :wink:


Happy Anniversary!

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Do I see the new Blocs 4 icon in the “What’s happening at Blocs Builder” video? Website is down for me though.

Edit: Need to type to make it load. Doesn’t work if I just type Great looking site. Looking forward to your courses. Enjoy your Anniversary :slight_smile:

Great looking site and happy anniversary, @Malachiman.

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sounds great…unfortunatly, the website link doesn’t appear to work in Safari…thoughts?

Flexy Foot is cool! Thanks @Malachiman, I bought you a few coffees in return!


Read my post just two before your post :wink:

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I wish you luck.
Last night in the time zone of Spain, Youtube sent me a notice of your video about your new site. Congratulations !!

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Happy anniversary :raised_hands:

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Congratulations @Malachiman, have a good day…

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Nice Site

Happy Anniversary Pete and Mrs Pete

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Happy anniversary :tada::tada::tada:

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Thanks everyone. We spent the day on an island called Waiheke, hooning around on scooters. :motor_scooter: :sunny:

Appreciate that @Jerry :smiley:

Thanks @pumpkin and @DanielF that was my mistake with the htaccess file. Should be working fine now. :crossed_fingers:

@Flashman as the co-developer of Flexy Foot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: handles all support questions :rofl: