New website of Construction Company

Hello everyone! I introduce you to my client’s new website.
It is a construction company that performs several services, of which they were summarized in 4 groups.
Firstly, the brand was created, with a logo, colors and elaboration of graphic materials such as business cards and letterhead.
After the definition of the brand we started the briefing for the site and one of the requirements was to be a single page website with clean design, following the brand proposal.

Hope you like it.

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Looks good!


I like it!
Especially the video with the clouds for the first bloc and your choice of background pictures in general. Plays really nice with the text blocs.

You could maybe use a tad bit larger font for the footer area. I find it quiet hard to read.
But that’s nitpicking…

Very nice, clean looking site!

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Thanks @area49 !! :smiley:

Nice site!

One thing, Single page sites usually benefit from a back-to-top button or a sticky menu so that users can move quickly between various sections of the page. It’s not so important on desktops and tablets, but it is very useful for smartphone users.

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