NEW Website Panorama Apartment

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
My first blocs-site is online now. (please ignore the english-link - its still the old site, have to be done yet)
Your comments are very welcome. I am always happy to improve things.

Please let me know if you like it (0-horrible page / 10-beautiful page)

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This is a good first attempt and certainly better than my first efforts with Blocs. I gave it a 6, but let me explain why.

  1. I don’t much like those red buttons with the white borders.

  2. The choice of fonts feels a bit lacklustre. Lato is OK and I’ve used it myself in the past, however there are so many wonderful fonts available nowadays that you can really find some stunning combinations with a bit of thought. Many are free.

  3. That long row of calendars feels very cluttered. Isn’t there a neater way of providing the same options?

  4. The two column arrangement going down the page with text and images is fairly classic and nothing wrong with that, but it feels a bit thrown together, especially with the mix of centred and left aligned headers.

  5. If I click through to the Seefeld page it opens another tab, despite still being on your website and there is no back button option or menu that takes you home.

  6. On the gallery page you have images with mismatched proportions that look untidy.

  7. Again on the gallery page there is no navigation menu to take you elsewhere.

  8. When switching from desktop to mobile header fonts become very thin.

You have no doubt worked hard and it is not all bad, so I do not want to discourage you. I just think it needs an hour or two of close attention to details and you can really transform it into something very polished.

100% in agreement @Flashman’s comments
Excellent first try, and like Flashman this is far better than mine was.

thank you very much for your feedback. very appreciated.

thank you :slight_smile: