New Website / portfolio & online course is my first Blocs project, a portfolio site that also hosts a full-year university course in organic chemistry.

I found Blocs to be very enjoyable to use compared to previous tools I’ve used, and I welcome any tips since I’m still learning.


Hi Tony, great to see new blocsapp users.

I’d review some of your choices because while your content and chemistry course are probebly perfect, the website itself looks dated.

I’d avoid small pictures, images with blurred edges and fussy frames. If you must have frames, shadows, gimmicks choose one style of presentation and stick to it.

In some places you have text with “more” to reveal more text. Ditch that and put all the text in. It’s just annoying to have to click to reveal.

It’s not my kind of site, but presentation may be secondary to the people who wish to take your course.

Good luck.

Freudian Slip - or - Irony ? :wink:

Doh! moment on my part…

Yes, you are right I am concerned with content, but I also feel design is important and that’s why I have asked for advice. One of the great things about Blocs is it almost guides you to design things well.

So, I made quite a few changes, realizing that my carousels were not as consistent as I thought and that the more/less links were being overused. And yes, after considering it, I agree that using smaller pictures and with fuzzy edges is a bit old-school.

Then again that’s what it was like the last time I was doing web design. But old-school can be cool too, right?

Err… not in this case.

That’s not quite true. Blocsapp makes your website conform by default to the default layouts facilitated by the bootstrap framework. So, the software encourages a particular kind of layout and gives access to a preset number of layout (bloc) templates that result in some good layout practice that removes some poor practice that would be possible if that framework wasn’t there. All well and good, but that’s not the same as good design.

A good design fulfils a purpose and has aesthetic qualities that support that purpose, but the purpose is not the layout and colours and a design is only good if it supports the purpose.