New website preview - Update removed site link to focus on modifications - THX for all comments

Any constructive comments are greatly appreciated. (PS: the site is currently on a one page mode but will in turn be on several pages…)


October 22 - removed site preview for modifications.


Looks very good :+1: , but takes too much time for loading. I think when you split it up, the site will load faster.

This is exactly why it will be split in the very near future. Started as a simple 3-4 section site to a more massive one. Will also re-optimise once more the images and vids.

Thanks for your nice comments.:wink:


Try to better optimize your images with a optimizer like tinyjpg. You have a whopping 15.2MB of images on your one page load. Really can slow down a first time visitor.
You can try pingdom to check. There are many others.

I know - already in progress - got all those programs as well. Any comment on the site itself ? Thanks.

It’s a nice design, :ok_hand:t2: but as you have been told you need to optimize the website a lot, takes a lot of time load, and I think you should leave more white space between one block and another. :wave:t2:

Thanks for your nice comment. Indeed, images and videos need to be optimised as I have mentioned earlier myself…

Yes…good content and nice site …I like to separate that much content to separate pages …good for seo too. I didn’t look at the source code yet.
I think the logo design and spinning entry is good for the feel of the branding…

Like I said in the PS the site will be multipage soon. It’s just a preview. Thanks for the nice comments. Cheers

@pmweb, takes a longgg time to load, but looks nice once it does. I like the animations. How did you accomplish those?

Thank you for the kind comments. I have already optimized the site again and next step is multipage. It is just a draft for the time being. Probably difficult for me to realize load time when I have 1GB upload/download connection. All animations are done in Blocs app apart from the video animations. Which one in particular are you referting to ? Cheers

@pmweb, I like them all, and think I understand how you did the rolling circle one. But I’m most intrigued by the main one up top. You did a great job of fitting the separate animations together as you did so they look like a single animation!

The top animation was made using the logo (original svg format) and simply using Keynote from Apple to animate the different parts and finally exporting as a short movie. All other stuff is made in Blocs. Need to play around a bit to see all possibilities.


Thank you :smiley:

Hi @pmweb the page looks great. But on a iPad I see double pictures. I think on desktop there is a effect or something else … but on a iPad I see double pictures.

And on a iPad I can swipe the site a little bit to the right and left. Header is sticky, but the main content …

Overall not bad but I feel it to be too cramped and their is no breathing space (and to small a line-height) for the text and headings! More padding and margin could be a big help - good luck!

Hi Tom. Thank you. I have been constantly adjusting the site so probably forgot to hide something for the iPad view. Will check again… Thanks for having taken the time to review this.


Hi @greenskin thank you for comments. Will increase padding and margin as it indeed seems to be an issue seen by others as well. Cheers

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The Galleries page text slides up over the header divider line. The scrolling is a bit jerky. Not your fault though. I’m seeing this on scrolling sites. Sometimes really smushing the images can help.
The images jump to full size on iPad when changing orientation from portrait to landscape and back.
I’d suggest fully testing each page on an external device with a fresh cache for each page.