New website preview - Update removed site link to focus on modifications - THX for all comments


Hi @HMM Thank you for reviewing the site preview. May I ask on what model of iPad and iOS version you have been seeing these issues ? I am under the impression that depending which model and moreover which iOS version, the site behaves differently. I am currently in the process of splitting the one page site to a multi page one and will be reviewing all this at the same time. Thanks again for your comments. Any comment on the style/design itself ? Cheers


Just IOS but it should work on everything or the most popular. iPad 2 but we test sites on dozens of devices.
Th3 site looks good. From a branding perspective I might suggest putting the main purpose with the logo somehow. You obviously have design talent… just a little better messaging …


Thanks again. :wink:


The website is generally good but has three irritants for me.

  1. I don’t like the initial animation - feels old fashioned and a bit irritating. Maybe it’s me. We get the logo pushed at us a little later too.

  2. The paragraph titles are separated from the paragraphs themselves - I think the placement is too far apart. Things that are associated together should be seen as a group. It’s worse when the paragraphs are stacked, the titles are then mid-way between paragraphs above and below.

  3. There are text sections that run from one edge of the page to the other. Probably great on mobile and maybe tablet, but on desktop there should be two columns.

That’s the end of my niggles.

New website just modified following forum comments

Hi Paul

Thank you for the comments.

  1. I do believe it goes along with the brand/atmosphere it represents. Client is pleased so far. Sorry it annoys you. Perhaps you can share some suggestions for a better animation ?

  2. Just a preview not final but I get why you’re irritated and will look into it.

  3. You seem to dislike this from all sites. I understand that indeed this may not be in the Designer’s book. “Different strokes for different folks"

Do not mind criticism as long as they are constructive.Thanks.



Certainly. No animation.

This may be helpful

Not just me.

Thanks for reading my comments and good luck with the site.


Hi Paul.

No problem. All comments are welcomed and read.

Postive and negative critcisms are to be expected when posting a site in the public eye.