NEW website - Sandbox view

Hey guys, I’m working on the next project. It will be a website for flower shops.

This is an unfinished website! The mobile sites aren’t finished. I would like to have your opinion to the design. Which card design do you like more? What do you think about the complete design? It has to be a beautiful website. Do you have more ideas? Thanks for your feedback.


As a first general impression I like it a lot. Lovely fonts and colour combinations. Good use of white spacing and without the over reliance on animations that I see in too many websites.

I almost prefer the non animated card with description, however making that the one part of the site with some animation helps to focus attention if that part is important.

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I like the cards with the white border better. Just seems to flow better for me. I like the other cards, just not a big fan of the rounds corners.

I really don’t like the featured flower. I had to look at it a second to even tell it was a flower. I think it would look better with the green leafs, even if you darken them a little. For me the purple stands out so much compared the the rest of the flower it competes with the title and text.

Just my to cents! Still a nice looking site as always.

I like also the white border cards … The animation cards not sure if they work on IE11!
Nice header section. Is it possible that you can switch of the mouse symbol (hover) when you are on the left or right corner. I think this is your hidden logo und menu ?
Or put The Navigation bar below the full screen picture, and when scroll down the menu gets sticky…Not sure if this works in blocs. @Malachiman website has something like this.

Cool website!

Thanks tom for your opinion and the idea with the navigation.

Good idea but dont know how to do it :thinking:

Hey Ralf, I also like the cards with the white borders. I think they go better with the traditional serif fonts you’re using and make the site look a little bit retro - in a positive sense.

And as for overall design I love it, but hey, I’m your biggest fan! :slight_smile:

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@RME The new flower on the intro looks really nice, 100% better than the original.

I like the softness of the site but I keep wondering what would the parallax flower areas that have no text look like without the being darken? There are beautiful flowers, it might add a little more color to the site.

The site is looking good.


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Wow, thank you so much! :blush:

ok, i ll try to add more color. Thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile:

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I see you tried not darkening the flowers, I really like it! Do you like it better?


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Yes. More color looks better. Thanks.

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So guys, thanks for your feedback. This made the site better and better. Now it should be ready for launch.

Very refined and clean. As always great job RME.

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How did you achieve the effect with the hero image where the white sticky menu only appears after starting to scroll? The menu is not visible when the page first opens.

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Hi @Flashman
I don’t know how Ralf have done that, but you can simply place the hero bloc with sticky nav enabled under the fold, and it will scroll like that. (it won’t be visible on the actual hero bloc you put there).


Thanks @Eldar I tried it just now by making the navigation invisible inside the hero bloc, then adding a separate navigation bloc below the hero with sticky enabled. This sort of works, however the effect is not smooth like Ralf has done and it switches from white to transparent very quickly.

The effect is simple, but not really good. Eldar is right. But if you put the navigation behind a hero, you won’t get smooth visibility. The solution for me is, make a full-screen hero and turn off visibility for all screens. Then take a full screen image. Next is the normal navigation with Sticky Navi. That’s it.

Not really good, but it works cool for me.

@Flashman @RME
I don’t think I understand what effect you guys are talking about.

Does this problem exist on let’s say Wedding template? It looks very similar to me?

Your one looks smoother than what I experienced, but it is still semi-transparent and I prefer the effect Ralf has. This is what I have if I try to place the sticky menu under the hero bloc. What Ralf has done looks pretty good but it would be really good is this was possible to do with a normal hero bloc. Perhaps I just need to play with some custom classes, however this is not really smooth.