NEW! Website

Hey, i just launched a new simple website. it is almost finished. i would like to know your opinions on the site. all comments are welcome. Thanks.


Looks like always fantastic :slight_smile:


Hi! Looks great …
Zwei Kleinigkeiten: 1.die schrägen Bilder funktionieren auf dem iPad nicht richtig. Das Bild wir wiederholt … schwer zu erklären. Du müsstest es auf dem iPad eigentlich sehen …
2. auf dem iPad kann ich die Seite nach links und rechts schieben … wie wenn ein Block oder ein Bild zu groß wären und über die eigentliche Seitengröße überstehen …

Sonst … Mega !

HI @tom2 Thanks. I know the problems with the images on the iPad. that’s why I hid them there.
Das mit der Seitenbreite ist seltsam. Ich ĂĽberprĂĽfe das. Danke Dir.

Hi @RME on the iPad in portrait view the images were hid. Looks good. But when I watch the site in landscape view the images are double and repeat. Watch on a iPad Air. Tom

hmmm i see the problem… does anyone have a solution?

Some parts of the text are cropped on my smartphone.

I did fix the problem. Thanks.

does anyone have a solution to the problem with the iPad in landscape mode?
@Eldar You did a similar site before. May be you can help?

Hello Ralf,

I believe I show the solution in the video below.

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you are the best :slight_smile: Thanks.

the homepage looks nice, but in my case on my modern Macs in Safari and Firefox the other items of the menu are not working when I click on them.

cool ! I like the site.

how did you do the landscape mode ? (I am beginner)

I too noticed links do not work on Firefox nor Safari…I don’t even see an actual link. It shows on hover but no address.
Is there a reason you don’t use multiple pages for your links rather than making one page websites?
Multiple pages dedicated to each subject makes for much better SEO (generally) for your client tha one page websites.

It should work now. I forgot to change the links. Thanks.

Links work now…
Still wanted to know
"The reason you don’t use multiple pages for your links rather than making it all a one page website?
Multiple pages dedicated to each subject makes for much better SEO (generally) for your client than one page websites. Loads faster too…good all the way around.

The site does not have much content. Individual pages would be very short. In addition, for the visitor it is easier to scroll the content instead of clicking. pages with less content aren’t helpful for SEO.

I’ve been doing SEO successfully for others for twenty years. Generally, I see your point though that there is little textual content. If it were my client it would be a good argument to ask your client for a bit more copy and explain that a 3 page site could help with SEO. And you are correct that scrolling (to a point is better than clicking.) Depends how much…

I did some translating…I would think as an investment company it could be better since they are an investment oriented company.

“Example: With a monthly savings amount of 30,000 EUR and an annual yield of 4 percent, the savings amount to 1,139,351 EUR after three years. Please note that this is a sample calculation and the return depends on the investment strategy and the markets.”

Your sites are always beautifully designed and very professional looking.

I come from the days when there were a lot of websites created in Flash …Its was a “Free for all”. It was so easy to show a prospective client why they were not coming up in searches very well or at all in some cases when others were. Adobe (who I have worked with) insisted no big deal about Flash…Steve Jobs (who I went to High School with) said not now or ever will we use Flash…we know how that turned out! :))

I always enjoy seeing your designs.

Hey @RME , really professional website. I really like it.
I have one question:
How did you make that line effect under each header?

Thanks in advance

hi @gadusidup this is just an icon with zoom animation on load. take the icon bric, choose a line and make the zoom effect (appear on screen -> zoom).

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