NEW Website Trainingsmacher

Hey guys, I wanna show you my new personal page. it is completely redesigned and a one-pager now. Your comments are very welcome.

Do you like the website? (0-horrible page / 10-beautiful page)

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Greeting Ralf

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As clean and elegant as always.
But on the Impressum-page before Datenschutz bloc there is a sign that looks like a button and says: Rechtliche Hinweise.
You can’t click on it and there is a wide space beyond it.

thanks. Problem solved. :slight_smile:

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Hi Ralf,

Great work as always! I would also adjust the style of your scroll to top button to make it similar gold color gradient. It would look look.


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He did. :wink:
Looks great.

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very good! Only one little thing: I would change the quality of the last picture … the background of the picture looks not so good for me… :blush:
but - perfect site!!!

Nice one, you take a good advantage of blocs new capabilities

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Nice page, elegant, clean and sober.
Just one thing, at the end of the page you show your phone, mail and the web page, and when you click on the URL you are redirected to the top, this is perhaps confuse (unless you are showing this because another reason)
I specially like 2 things, the popup contact form with your face and the section " Erfahrung zahlt sich aus" (which has the stairs behind); could you plese tell me how you did those sections?


Very nice and clean!

Just a couple of commata missing: Die Menschen, die mit mir zusammenarbeiten, (Komma hier, da Einschub) profitieren …

Dabei habe ich viel Spaß, (Komma hier, Nebensatz beginnt) neue Wege zu gehen …


P.S. - you don’t need a comma here, though …

An die Erfüllung meiner Aufgaben gehe ich stets sehr strukturiert (hier kein Komma) und mit großem Engagement heran.

Clean design, well done.

I’ve two questions please;
1- in the bloc entitled “Erfahrung zahlt sich aus”, What option did you use to get that pop-up window when we click the button [SCHWERPUNKTE] ?

2- In the bloc with the title : Leistungen für mehr Vertrieb, is those tabs were made by the FAQ bric ?

Thanks in advance and keep it up :slight_smile:

Hi Ralf,

The site looks very professional!

I would suggest eliminating the “fade-in scroll effects” after “Erfahrungen zahlt sich aus”. The text fading in and out makes it hard to read.

Hey guys, thanks for your feedback. Sorry for my late reply. I was on vacation :slight_smile:
The average rating is 8.05, which means I have to improve a lot.

@perico The pop-up with the contact form is built with the modal bric and the rubric “Erfahrung zahlt sich aus” is a 2-column bloc. With a custom class, I’ve added the line to the left of the column and faded in with scroll fx.
@SimpleText I will change the comma errors.
@ELF It’s a modal built with modal bric. For the section “Leistungen” I chose the tabs bric and used a custom class to change the design of the tabs.

Really nice page!

I wonder how you made " Erfahrung zahlt sich aus" block. It looks really awsome!
Did you use “Paragraph” bricks?

Hi Ralf,

wollte Dir nur Bescheid sagen … siehe Screenshot … ein Paar Resourcen werden nicht gefunden …

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Wow, that looks great. Adjusts to breakpoints really well. The contact modal needs a larger top margin in the small breakpoints as it gets cut off a the top. But great job. I am inspired by your design.

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