NEW Website with Blocs

Hi, I build a new website with blocs. any feedback is appreciated.


Looks nice! I’d maybe add a little more side margins in the areas that the text spans a whole bloc. The paragraphs are a little wide reading.

On the mobile view the Blocs with a background image shows about a ½" of the image on the top and botton of the bloc and nothing on the side. I’d either not have that image on mobile view or add some more margin on each side so you can tell its on a image background.

Nice Job.



I like what you have done there!
Great work!

By the way, a good point on mobile view by @casey1823


OK. thanks for the feedback. I have enlarged the edges. The text is now narrower.

Do u know, what is the best solution to hide the background at the mobile? Because it is a background image with parallax effect. when do it with a custom class then I haven’t a parallax effect at desktop version.

I did change the mobile pages. It should be better now.

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You can duplicate the bloc and remove the background. Bloc one (parallax) set viewable on desktop/tablet. Duplicate Bloc two (no background image) set viewable only on mobile.


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