NEW Website. your opinion

Hi Guys, I’m working on a new website for a sports club. im not really happy with my work at this point. do you have some ideas, to make the website more impressive?


Great site, very clean. Not sure why, but the 3 executive pictures and their facebook links don’t seem to follow the same clean presentation of the rest of the site, but that is just a personal opinion. Other than that I love it.

Very nice site!

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ok. thanks. do u have an other idea for me?

I can’t really say what it is that doesn’t feel right. It might be the circular framing of the photos, or the spacing of the name and Facebook link beneath them. But you do really have a great site there.

Another nice job @RME. It works well in mobile also. A couple of suggestions, I don’t think you need the large borders around the headers in each area. It kind of overpowers the header text for me. If you keep them maybe consider narrowing the border and bringing the side margins a little closer.

Another thing I noticed is in the first area below the hero the text is in a smaller defined area (shorter paragraphs) I like this better.

Some of the blocs below look like your using the predefined bloc that is larger. Maybe try using the smaller defined brick so the text paragraphs do not run across the whole page. Most of those areas do not have a lot of text so I think visually it might improve the look.

Just my two cents, everyone has there own opinions.
Nice job.

hey @RME seeing as you ask, I do love your choice of palette - the yellow contrasts really nicely with the dark images and feels edgy but sleek. Cool!

One observation from me - your favicon doesn’t work. You should try to drop the orbital text, and maybe just use the crayon icon and that means you can enlarge it slightly - the text is unreadable being so small, but the crayon drawing would probably work quite well if it were to occupy the full favicon canvas.

I also agree with @MartinC regards the circular photo’s - they seem to stand out a bit too much, almost taking attention away from the true intention / target audience of the site , and shouting a bit too much about the backers. maybe tone them down somehow…greyscale? smaller? Might be worth exploring some other options there…


Very nice, like it so much. :ok_hand:

Superb design … again.
Love it.

The contact form says: “Your message has been sent”, even when I didn’t fill out anything.

Thanks to all of you. this is not a finished website. therefore different things (favicon, form) do not work yet.
I am very thankful for the ideas.

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I’ve made a few changes. what do you think?

That looks so much better, more in keeping with the rest of your sites design.

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Your png people images are quite large, why not reduce the physical size to 300px x 300px. This would reduce the the size from 249kb each to about 99kb and still retain transparency and quality. It’s a small point but people on slow or capped broadband would really appreciate it. The same is true for many of the JPG images. They could also be reduced in physical dimensions - remember, not everyone will have huge displays. That said, the design of the site is very nice - clean and to the point. Good job.

Nice site, I like your designs a lot :slight_smile:

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Hi, thanks for your post. I know that. the website is not finished. I’ll reduce the size before I finish the site. I always use tinypng. Do u know a better tool?

That one and tiny jpg are both pretty good compared to PS.

Great job RME! :slight_smile:

For me knowing the site is about sport it is far to static in how the images are contained within squares and rectangles - it is to perfect! For me the hero image doesn’t grab me emotionally and the darkened image gives more of a sombre feel - I know it has been done to make the text pop but for me it doesn’t grab my attention or my emotions!

Ok, just my take, but good luck with it! :slight_smile:

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I like the site but thought the hero image needed some colour. But something about the site unsettled me. Now I have read the comment by @greenskin and I have to agree. Sport is about energy and passion and the darkness of the site goes against that - pushes that energy back.

@greenskin made a great post.

Ok, I understand what you mean. I have made some changes. More light, more colors, different pictures.
Do you think that’s better now?

I like the colour addition to the hero image, but essentially the dark scheme generally is still there. It’s just an opinion.