New Website


Just finished a new site for a local nonprofit. I now have 3 nonprofit sites, I enjoy working with them. It’s nice to give back to help these organizations. If you have some time take a look.



Nice job.

For the future I’d reconsider having text that goes from one side of the browser to the other. It’s harder to read than text arranged in columns or in smaller containers.


Thanks @pauland. It looks nice on tablet and mobile view but I could see viewing it on a larger monitor would make it harder to read. I tried using a smaller text bloc for the desktop view and I’m just not sure if I like it, I’ll have to play around with it a little more. This site was also built using the beta version. I configured different views for each viewing size. It seems pretty stable now.

As always thanks for giving your opinion. You have made me think a little more displaying text full screen.



I’ve been thinking about the wide text and I think the reason I’m not so keen on it (aesthetic reasons aside) is that my head wants to turn as I read, rather than my eyes scan a narrower field of view.


That is a nice article. Thanks for sharing. I do agree with aesthetics vs readability in today’s web design. There has to be a good balance. I see so many site trying to be creative (which is good) but then they use this small font.

I normally use a strong 16px font and give it a 24-26 for pararagraphs line spacing. I think this helps the readability.

I counted some of the lines and ended up 125-135 on the desktop. Not anything close to the article. Thinking about that it’s really not as easy as it sounds. Your again confronted with desktop, tablet and phone sizes. I’ll have to play around with it and see what it looks like. Great conversation, thank you.



@pauland I’ve been thinking more about your observations/article and I’ve been playing around with different methods that might help. I’ve tried several things and ended using a class applied to the paragraph. Then had to configure it for tablet/mobile. I ended up giving desktop version 70 margin on each side. It looks allot better. Not up to the standards of the article but i think its a good improvement.



I think that’s much better Casey. Good job.