NEW! Websites

I would like to share my recent released Blocs sites :slight_smile:

Hope you like it! More soon…


Hey @mackyangeles i love your designs. Very good and very professional.

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Thank you @RME :slight_smile:

Very impressive.
One thing: the navigation (especial the horizontal on top) could be a bit more intense.

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Very nice sites @mackyangeles.
I really like the home school global site. It’s one of you best that combines design and readability. I found it works great on all my screens sizes. The only thing I found is the header needs a little size styling on the mobile version. Nice Job!

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I also really like the GP Township site. My only suggestion would be to add a little bolder top menu. It looks great, very stylish but on the readability side the menu for me is a little hard to read.
You do great work! Thanks for sharing!


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Very nice, again! I was wondering what tool you (let your clients) use for updating the sites?

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Wow! Well done! I especially like the section in the GP Township site where you used the gradient on the images to add the buttons and text. How did you do that?