NEWB question

really sorry for the daft question. this is driving me mad.

All morning ive been trying to change the colour of the font and the background, without losing the ‘Data options’, to allow me to add to the drop down menus. but when i change the font colour i cannot get back the Data menu in the inspector.

Now i think ive managed it, i cannot seem to get the text with the drop down menus inline. ive enables hover over the menu to show the drop down, but as you can see in the screen shot the drop downs are not in line with the rest. ive tried loads of settings to see what can change it but cannot find the answer.

help would be appreciated.

Is this Blocs 2 by chance? It’s something I used to see with Blocs 2 that required some custom class adjustment for the positioning. I haven’t seen this with Blocs 3.

no its not, its blocs 3 - just my luck if you havent seen it before in blocs 3

If you can attach the project I can take a look for you. Send it as a PM if you prefer. One page should be enough to see what is going on.

EDIT: I just tried myself and had no problems. I’ll attach a custom bloc, then you change the links & colours as needed. Just unzip the attachment and drop the folder inside Blocs folder as shown with Application Support, then restart Blocs. It should be available as a bloc you can choose. (26.5 KB)

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wow, seriously dude, you are awesome!!! thank you so much!