Newbie 2 Blocs

Hey, i am not building websites professionally.

I started to build a website for my mothers business with Wordpress. After some half-hearted trying with figma & webflow i switched to blocs since it combined everything i need in one application.

If there is anyone who could tell me what/how is the best way to learn about blocs for the purpose i need it for - i would be really grateful.

The Website:
Her (local) retail store is doing good and she wants to be represented digitally aswell. For now the focus is not on a online shop.

„Who am i? What do we have/sell(Pictures)? Press section“.

Thank you for any experienced tipps regarding my issue!


PS: I hope i opened the thread in the right section

Hi there,

Welcome to the Blocs Community!

I don’t have the Blocs 5 version of this course available yet (it will come later), but you can start with Introduction to Blocs 4. Also, check the Learning Portal on Blocs app website.

Finally, a couple of YouTube channels teaching Blocs:
Blocs Master (my channel)
Blocs Builder (run by @Malachiman)

And, if you have any questions, I am sure our awesome community will always be happy to help you!