Since the sudden demise of muse I have signed up to Blocs for various reasons, Ill talk about them at another time.

I have my first 2 questions.

1 can I use my Font book fonts I have on my system or am I Limited to google fonts.

2 Can you give me the dimensions for photographs to be used in various areas of Blocs.

  1. At the moment it’s just Google fonts, though I hope and expect this will change with Blocs 3.

  2. The dimensions of photos will vary according to your chosen site width and you may also wish to have different sizes for tablet or mobile, so there is no easy answer to that question. You have a lot of flexibility.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my q’s


Hey @blockhead,

Welcome to the Blocs Community! As @Flashman said, at the moment, Google Fonts are the only fonts we can use in Blocs. I think someone has shared the way to add your font here, but I have never tried it myself Can I Add a custom Web Font ( Not Google font)

As for image dimensions, there are no specific requirements, but for backgrounds, I would suggest to use the images with the maximum width of 2500px, and don’t forget to optimize them using apps like ImageOptim.


Just wanted to say Welcome to the Blocs forum @blockhead

These Documentation links may assist you some, in addition to the things @Flashman & @Eldar previously stated.