No Footers option on Blocs Bar

hello blocs community,
i was hoping somebody will be able to help me in the blocs community with my issue. my problem is that the Footers option on the Blocs Bar is missing. i really don’t know what to do. i just purchased this app recently. and still getting to know the app for a while then i noticed when i was gonna put a footer on my sample website there is no Footers (see attached screenshot). i tried google for solution but with no luck. i saw on the screenshots on blocsapp website there is a Footers option. i watched the video a few times there is really a footers option. i hope somebody can finally help me here and can share their solution if they had the same problem. any help would be greatly appreciated. many thanks in advance.

by the way. i’m running blocs version 2.2.2 on my 15" macbook pro retina late 2013 macOS 10.10.5.


Hi @3lobyt

Welcome to the Blocs community and Blocs app.

EDIT: disregard my previous comment if you saw it. It’s late here sorry for any further confusion I caused you.

With your cursor over the categories list, use your mouse (or track pad) to scroll the Bloc categories list - left and right. Does that help?

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hi @Blocs_User

no worries at all. i really really really appreciate your help. i tried what you suggested. and it suddenly show up. it worked! it was hidden there all along. as you can see my screen grab below. i was confused with the left and right arrows on the categories list. i initially thought that was for the categories list. but it was for the thumbnails instead. it’s like the left and right arrows of your websites carousel was put in the navigation bar. don’t mind me i’m no expert at all or anything. but that was i initially thought.

Screengrab: Categories list scrolling.

i’m no expert in doing apps or ui. but this is just an opinion. but wouldn’t it be better if the left and right arrows are for the thumbnails shouldn’t the arrows be on the thumbnails instead. screenshot below.

but anyway. thank you thank you thank you so much @Blocs_User. i really can’t thank you enough. i really appreciate your help.

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i have had blocs for a few months and never realized i was missing blocs by not scrolling over the list, it took me a few times to get it to function correctly, i have been repurposing headers to use as my footer all ths time another wish list item 2 arrows one in the thumb nail and the one in the category list to scroll thru them. thank you 3lobyt if there was a thank you button on your reply it would be checked

@se7en i think you should also thank @Blocs_User for at least finding time to help us here in the blocs community. thanks again @Blocs_User.