No HTML files created on Quick export

I’m giving up, after hours and hours of trials I can’t figure out why Blocs is not exporting/creating HTML files as it should do.
I’m using the latest Blocs 3.4.4. and Mac OSX Catalina 10.15… I migrated a site from a 2.X.X version to 3.4.4 but the only folders I see when doing a Quick Export is a folder named Template and one called Content with all content, but no ‘index.html’… It does css and js files, but no HTML.

Never had this issue before… The site has now become a simple landingspage without navigation anymore, but even when adding a simple navigation (‘Home’) it’s not making any difference.
Even when migrating and exporting the former site with more pages the outcome is all files, except the HTML pages. I see a lot of layout.php files for every page.

Can anyone tell me what I forget to do? Or doing wrong? I thought that Blocs always produces a HTML page, either with or without navigation, Its just on page though. Is a relevant file missing perhaps?

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hey @spoetnic

Do you have the pages setup as HTML not PHP?

and Project CMS set as none?

Hi Malachiman, yes I did set up pages as HTML… but the second one was set on: CMS ON >Pulse. That caused the issue of making a template instead of a HTML indexpage…

Norm answered this morning also that my Project setting was not correct. After the update it seems to be the standard setting, cause I never changed it (until now of course).

But it was that easy, now it produces the correct HTML files!
Never thought that this could be the culprit when it was creating a template…

Thanks for replying so quick and Norm too!

kind regards


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