No picture

just put together a very simple page, stating new web page coming soon.

but in the first bloc i have a picture and in the preview its there and when you upload, its missing. checked all the files etc, even the 1&1 expert had a look and he struggled to see why?

any suggestions
sure its very simple, but still can not do it

Hi @DB10

Well, first check in your exported site & make sure IMG_0090.JPG is in the img folder. If you uploaded to your site files in the correct location as well, then maybe rename it to lowercase & see. There’s a 403 forbidden error which might mean your site host might not like the name or it could be in a folder w/ the wrong permissions - hard to really say for sure.
At least eliminate as many different things as possible & then it should be more apparent what the problem is :wink:


Also try removing any spaces or anything other than a letter or number :blush: