No text menu..i need ONLY hamburger 3.5

Hi guys…
SO I am using 3.5 and I want to use a Hero at the top at the home page… I think there are so many posts about changing the hamburger menu for text menu…but I think they are old posts…
So in Blocs 3.5 I noticed that if I select the Hero navigation it will come with a text menu… how I can change it to a hamburger menu? This is kind of a new trend in web design and I want to do the same, especially because I want the web to be minimalist.
I can’t see any options for this…I am sure I missed it, so I ask for help to the great Bloc masters


Set the Nav to toggle at the large breakpoint.


OOOOOOOH BRO!! NICE! u see…these are the little things I like about Blocs but I also miss them very easy… some stuff seems very difficult to do for beginners but actually are quite easy. THANKS BLOCS!

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Same here - its all there ! just need to be hunted down!

Ive voiced that I would like all these little things to be easily selected in the side bar for beginners but guess once we know where these things are - they will be easier. Ive started to make notes on everything like this, my own manual!

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Yes it’s all there, we just need to hunt them down :smiley:
I agree with you, these little things could be nice if there were located on the side tool bar. I noticed that in the Blocs manual not all is in there…so sometimes I have no choice and make a post

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