Non Global Swatches

I may not have fully understood the Blocs colour system and Global Swatches in particular.

However, I keep thinking that there should be a non Global Swatches, i.e. a plain Swatches panel that only relates to what element is currently selected and overrides the Global Swatches colour for that element.

E.g. If I want to change a single Header text colour, I would like a way to select it and choose only that Header colour using the non Swatches panel.

@webdeersign use custom classes and you should be able to create palettes in the OSX colour picker UI, granted this isn’t synced with the actual Blocs doc it does provide what you are talking about. I just added the OSX option to the native colour picker in build 6.

@norm, I’ve always wondered why Blocs global swatches panel does not come up when your in a class? I started taking a snapshot of the color schemes and then tell it to open file. Could you make it open your global swatches?


It just seems that, that is more clunky than it should be for such a common requirement. I would consider changing an individual element a primary function, so to need to go under the hood into Custom Classes takes it into an advanced user feature.

+1 This could be simplified and perhaps thought about further.

Speaking of color pickers is anyone else using Skala Color

It’s pretty nice, the positioning is a bit off when it opens in Blocs but it’s a nice Color Picker.

I use Skala too. It was slightly off centre but in 2.3.3 but in 2.3.6 it is perfect. The picker updates are a great new feature.

Wouldn’t it be an unbelievable feature to be able to use the paint feature to colour elements no globaly?