Not receiving emails from a 'standard' Blocs Form

Hi all

I have created a website:

for a milliner. The site works well, so far so good.

Unfortunately, the owner of the site isn’t receiving any emails sent through the form.
I have used a standard Blocs form with no additions apart from changing the colour of the submit button.
I have put the owners personal email in both the Send To and From boxes and the form is Self Hosted (whatever that means).

Any ideas?

Thanks in anticipation.

@BUGG the site is down, so can’t look at anything :wink:


Hi Bill

Really sorry - typo in the web address. It should be:

(Told you I was a complete novice)

Thanks for the very prompt response though …

The form code, such as the mail server and email address is hidden by default, which is good security, so we cannot tell you much from here. Two possibilities spring to mind:

  1. The client doesn’t have their mail client configured properly or it is simply ending up in a junk folder by mistake and they haven’t checked.

  2. Your settings are not compatible with the server, so I would check with the web host for what is allowed. Some will only allow mail through an address associated with the domain for example.

somebody mentioned in a previous post that this problem occurs if the “from” mail account is different than the website, for example if the mail is, you will not experience the problems but if it’s or similar, the form will not process the request. this is not a blocs issue but from the hosting provider. I never had problem so far with the forms because all my clients had official business emails that correspond with the website domain. hope this helps

My hosting service required me to add predefined code to one of the folders, once added as long as I retain the folder and don’t under take a clean upload of the site I am good to go.

What a great community - thanks for all of the suggestions.
Looks like the first thing to do is to contact my host.
I’ll let you know what happens when I get their response.
Once again, thank you all for you input…
Watch this space!

Do you have the email address set up correctly in Blocs? You can’t just type in the email address into the URL field. You must use the following syntax: (see screenshot). Warm Regards, Randy

Thank you everyone for your very helpful and invaluable advice.
I have got it working successfully.
This is how:
Contacted web hosting company and set up a mailbox.
Type in this address into BOTH the SEND TO and FROM boxes in the form setup.
Seems to work a treat.