Not Receiving Form Submissions

I created a form for, but anytime I test it, I never receive the message in the account I set up (

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I thought perhaps MailChimp would work better, however the styling is way off after I copy their code into Blocs.

I’m running v2.5.2

Any idea what I can do to remedy this? I’ve tried submitting the form using several different email addresses to know avail.


Did you check junk?

@KG7UAT I did. Nothing in junk/spam, unfortunately.

Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about forms to be of any more help, but I thought I’d mention that. Sorry.

@KG7UAT No worries. I appreciate the thought

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The issue is most likely to do with your web server. For security reasons, many hosting companies now restrict who can receive forms using the sendmail function. Normally, if the receiving email address is associated with the domain, the form data will be transmitted just fine. If your hosting company offers PEAR tools, it is possible to send to email addresses anywhere. Essentially, these tools would allow your form to be routed via a password protested SMTP account. Many PHP form scripts will allow you to set this option up. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is an option with the Blocs form script - maybe sometime in the future it will be added.

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Check with your server provider to make sure you can post forms on your server that are not processed with SMTP.

Does your server support none SMTP form posting? Blocs doesn’t support form posting over SMTP.

You can perform a test using two email accounts (From and To) that are not from your domain, for example Gmail accounts.

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I’m bugging on it.
I try to create a form to be submitted, but I don’t understand how you get the settings that you show.
I only have it:submit%20button

I just understood now how things are working.
I couldn’t see the settings because I create an isolated button.
Keep it up guys.
I find this forum very useful with helpful people and supportive spirit.