Not sure if this is possible

I’ve played around with this but can’t find a way to do it.

I’d like to add two social link buttons to the sticky nav bar on mobile (and desktop too) so it looks like this…

On a separate note, I’ve added them to a sticky global header in desktop view, but they disappear when scrolling (which I like) - but - thought they should have stayed, being sticky and global…?


Seems like only the Navigation part of the Global header can remade sticky.

Not sure if there is a way around this.

Im sure someone will think of one.


Nearly, but didn’t show in lower breakpoints, only in sticky nav.

Click on nav area and change the sidebar option from ‘Primary Menu’ to ‘None’
Duplicate ‘home’ link however many times you need.
Add icon under each of the duplicated ‘home’ and then delete duplicated ‘home’, leaving icon.
Make sure the other links direct to the relevant pages WITHOUT using Primary Menu option.
Link icons to the pages you want.
Press cmd-opt-B, put your hands behind your head, lean back in your chair and wonder if there’s a less convoluted way of getting to this point!!
Hope it works,


Genius, thanks!!!