I have a problem.

When I save my website on my computer, it occupies almost 2 G.

And when I export it only 30 megabytes.

How can I eliminate what is not necessary when I save my website?

That sounds like you have some big original resource files that are not being actively used on the site. If you are certain those are not needed they can be deleted, however I would urge caution and just check what it what is being exported and what might be needed in future.

Sounds like you have embed assets set. And you have a pile of unoptimised assets including video. If it’s really 2GB project you get an A+ for effort :grin:


Thanks, but how can I to delete ?

Just locate the originals and delete them like any other. Have you embedded the files? I never do that and instead store everything locally in a resources folder associated with the project.

I think it should be possible to right click and remove unwanted assets from the asset manager if my memory serves me correct.

In the asset manager, I only have what I need, nothing more. And what I need it’s only 30 Megas.

I don’t know where is the problem …

Is your actual project file 2 gigs?

Yes, when I save the project … 1,99 Gb.

And when I export the project … 30 Mb.

And in the asset manager there are only what I need.

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Do you have a huge number of images? I would suggest switching off the embed option and manually relinking any images and videos. Somewhere in there you have some really big content that isn’t needed.

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As I have found no solution, I have finally recovered a backup from 2 weeks ago and deleted my current project.