<October CMS> After following the video... what then?


this video: https://help.blocsapp.com/october-cms/ helped to clear up how to start using october cms.

the problem is, after exporting the project, what is there to do?

i exported the project (file > export > export project), then uploaded the files to the webserver.


q: is it necessary to configure a october cms database?

i tried to find out if it is possible to decipher the URL, but that was not really any help.

could somebody please point me to the right direction? for starters, i would like to have a section, where i could simply change the text.

further projects would be to create a “blog” and for others to add pictures to a gallery (ideally with october cms).

thanks a lot guys.

Have you installed October CMS on your site? They do have an installer which makes it pretty simple (provided your hosting satisfies the requirements - I recall I did have to edit the php config file to add an extension or two that was not supported by my host by default). You have to do that first before you can upload the Blocs export to the “themes” folder (otherwise there would be no “themes” folder).

I do have to say that I played with this a while ago and gave up as it seems the only editor mode is HTML. If my clients need to learn enough HTML to edit their site, why not just edit the HTML of the site?!

I was also really confused about the assets and how to manage them. It was a simple one page site and I wrapped two images and three paragraphs. The photos I wrapped showed up in the assets section as images AND contents section as html references of the CMS tab, but not the media tab. And they did not display at all on the web page (although images I did not wrap did)?!?

Granted I did not spend any time with their documentation, but I did not see a way to duplicate items without copy paste of the raw HTML, or to assign/replace images other than to hard code their refs in HTML. I simply could not envision any of my clients using this so I paid it no further mind.

@Norm You must have played with this a bit while you were implementing it; did it make any sense to you?

As you mentioned, our video explains how to set up your Blocs project as a theme however it assumes you already have October CMS setup on your server. So you need to install October CMS on your server, thier site covers basic installation and were to place themes.


Also make sure you export as an October CMS theme.

Not possible to define October CMS blog area/page?
(Like it seems you can with Pulse CMS.)

No I still need to add this.

It was quite easy to make basic integration with the blog module. But I have to drag&drop the blogposts component/module to the page in October’s CMS panel after installing the a fresh version of the theme from Blocs, it seems.

You’re also planning integration with other blog/CMS platforms?

Yes, I’ll be adding some more October features soon too.

october cms is installed.

database was created.

site was exported (i believe once a site with october cms is exported, they call it “theme”).

all files was uploaded via ftp on a test folder called (v1.0).

the url would be http://domain.com/v1.0. (v1.0 is my test folder)

the tutorial video shows a url with “test-area/october-cms/backend/cms/theme”.

i tried it with domain.com/v1.0/backend/cms/theme. i do not have access to the dashboard. tried it without “theme” and without “cms”. i still get the same error: The requested URL was not found on this server.

i would appreciate any help.

When you export (I had to select Export as October CMS theme, even though I had selected October CMS as project CMS in Project settings), then you get a theme folder with a certain structure:
assets content layouts pages partials theme.yaml

Copy this to the themes folder of your October CMS installation.
(So if October CMS is installed directly in public_html, then copy your theme folder, f.ex. MyExportedBlocsTheme to the FTP server’s public_html/themes/ folder.)

Then you can activate the theme from October CMS’s admin interface.
(But it sounds like you haven’t found/accessed the admin interface at all yet?)

hello flips.

thanks for the reply.

assets, content, layouts, pages, partials folder AND theme.yaml has been created as i exported the site (file > export > export project). but it was not created in a “themes” folder.

no “themes” folder was created. now i created a themes folder manually, uploaded the files (file > export > export as… > october cms theme) to this manually created themes folder.

how do i get to the october cms’ admin interface?


i re-installed october cms with the installer and after the installation i chose “start from scratch”.

the web interface presented me with a link. (http://domain.com/october/backend). i guess “october” is because i created the folder “october” as i created the initial folder.

unfortunately: i got this error message: The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Your administrator may not have enabled CGI access for this directory.

any tips? thanks.

I suggest you get help from October CMS or your webhost.
If your host offers cPanel, there’s an easy installer for October in the Softaculous module …

I would recommend you to host your OctoberCMS application with Offical OctoberCMS hosting partner Cloudways. You will get everything pre-installed. Try it for free.

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Hi Norm. Fantastic App I must say. However, I made a site for my client and installed October. Everything is fine except that the background and Hero images are displayed but the images on the pages are not coming up. Could you tell me what is possibly happening? I did everything right. October is running perfectly…I think and the exported theme files are in tact as per training video. This is also the same in my local development. I am a graphic designer and not much of a coder. Blocs App is now my go to for web design and development. Bloc for Mac is Awesome! Help please. Thanks.