OctoberCMS Single Page

I’ve been experimenting quite a bit with OctoberCMS and Blocs. Does anyone incorporate a workflow that only uses a page or few pages exported from blocs? I’ve successfully tested a theme, but I’m working on an iterative process of adding to the site with a page or two at a time. I’m wondering if there is an effective way to use the blocs as partials to compose pages rather than a theme for the whole website?

Yes you could do that. I modify the initial exported theme from Blocs. Using different layouts and partials. Since I use a lot of custom made plugins, I will use blocs for the initial design, but I integrate that exported code into a partial for my plugin.

It’s very useful for creating content blocs for clients to add to pages they make. And they can add them using the pages plugin.

Awesome! Do you have any examples that you might be willing to share about how you do this? Still learning OctoberCMS.

Create a partial, cut and paste the block of code you want in it.

I don’t use the pages from the Blocs Theme, I slice it all up into partials, it makes it a lot easier to reuse sections throughout the site.

Create a page, assign it to a layout and add your partials.

A lot has to do with the site though. The approach will vary. If the client is going to be building a lot of the content themselves and creating pages make sure all the possible partials they need are available for the pages plugin and you have a good selection of layouts for them to use that will suit their usage.

Nice, I like that approach. It makes sense, still a bit for me to figure out. Appreciate the clarification and you sharing. Now to figure out how to get a component for the data to connect to the block-ids.