One pager and anchors with an "active"-state indicator in the sticky navi

hi blocs-friends,

still not missing adobe muse after switching, but I see my head is still stuck to some habits and simpl(ier)er sollutions muse provided: in muse when you set the 4 states of a button or menu and linked it to anchors on the same page, the state for “active” (f.e. the word in the navi changed to red) changed and while you scrolled to the next one, it switched back while the next “activated” anchor was in charge.

I tried my best and played with the settings in blocs, changed some styles etc … nothing works. does anybody know, how to solve this issue? any extra code that needs to be added?

thx in advance and @Norm —> can i add this as a feature request? I hope your / our list has place for another candy we want ;).


Hello @michaelokraj

You can read this thread to see if it helps:

thx. but my question is about an onepager with anchors. the changes in the navi are triggered by scrolling :slight_smile:


I have not understood your query well.
Check this other thread for help:

If it were not this. Please, if you can put an image with your query, maybe it would help to understand.

Unfortunately, this is not a built in function of Blocs.

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I think I am gonna … :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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hi @Wam

this option I do know ;), but I wanted the menu status change automatically when I pass the anchors which correspond with the menu items. @norm already clarified, this is not build in blocs (yet).

I think @norm has already responded: this is not a built in function of Blocs :disappointed_relieved:

Well yes and no. :wink:

It is part of Bootstrap which Blocs uses:


@Blocs_User :muscle:

Wow I didn’t know that was already built in :exploding_head:

So it is available in bootstrap but you’ll need to set your own JS call up for it and attach via page settings, as Blocs doesn’t include a user interface for it :+1:

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What ? I hope you are reviewing the specs better towards inclusion of things in Blocs 3 / BS4. :face_with_monocle: :wink:

Out of all the things from the Bootstrap specification that Blocs does not currently support, this would probably be one of the easiest to enable via the UI for including via the JS method - just saying if you wanted.

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It depends what you consider as easy. How would you implement it?

Well, the same could be said for …

As there is more to it than that with active classes, etc., So how “easy” is it then for the common Blocs users.


Yes thats what I mean, it may appear easy to implement, but making work so its super simple to understand can take extra work.

All I meant initially was perhaps easier than some other aspects of Bootstrap which are likewise missing from Blocs. Now knowing of its existence is the first step so thats a good start regarding accommodating a feature. Many concurrent discussions right now regarding this type of “ease of use” discussions within Blocs.

Anyway, keep up the good work.


I’m wondering wheather a checkbox in page settings to enable scrollspy plus a subclass in the subclass library for styling would suffice.

Aside from that everything else would be done with ID’s on links and blocs.

See, easy. :wink:

Are you planing to have your JS gather and set the offset height and grab the targeted menu reference. So the subclass would then be for the desired active state styling?

Or in the side panel when the menu is selected. If its documented I am sure people will understand regardless of the approach you decide to take, as long as its logical and they can do the desired styling.

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Active menu styling for both one pager and multi page websites would be very nice, I use this on most websites, and include it always manually. @norm yes in global settings or in the right sidebar when selecting a menu