One register window for each device

The biggest problem for all those
who are not familiar with web design is
how to make all views clear.

If it wouldn’t make sense
to make a view for every view
( Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone )
that doesn’t require any prior knowledge,
and only shows how it would look like,
you would set it that way
and can edit it right there.

One window in Blocs doesn’t affect the other.
Means… in the browser, tablet, or smartphone view.
That feeling would help a lot of people.

Simply 3 machining options.

And I don’t need to know,
but just see what it looks like,
and can change it.

Without knowledge
what this has to do with the other devices.

With kind regards!

That’s what they all fail to do.
Differentiation and knowledge about it.

As an example,
the picture is too big for iPhone…
changes the view, changes the result,
and saved only for this view.
This is then saved automatically,
in the group folder for the upload.

Like all the other things, like font sizes, spacing etc…,
for the other devices, views.

Of course this goes in Blocs…
but not so easily visible to laymen.