Only Default/Home Page Responds on Server

Hope this makes sense, this may be silly, I am new to all of this, started a Supporters Group for our local soccer team, and we need a website. I’ve made multiple pages using Blocs, I feel like I have tried everything, but nothing works. Some questions I have after all this trial and error… I have buttons for navigation and separate pages for said buttons. Under interactions, do I navigate to page or URL? If the page, can you think of any reasons why the connection to the corresponding page wouldn’t be made? If URL, do I link to a subdomain or a redirection? I am very confused about this. I asked my host, and they said to ask a web developer, that this is not within the scope of their experience. Any help would be incredibly appreciated!!

To add, my text links and contact form work perfectly, just haven’t been able to get this bit to work. I was told to dump everything that was exported from Blocs into the public_html folder. That’s where it’s been uploaded.