Only reveal content after certain time

I’m working on my Video Sales Letter and would like to leave the page clean, only with the video, to avoid distractions, for X minutes.

Then whenever I mention the offer in the video (let’s say, in 10 minutes), the rest of the content (hidden) will show up.

Is there a way to do that on Blocs? Or I’d better find a javascript code?

Ideally, I would keep all Blocs hidden until the timer reaches 10 minutes, and then they’ll reveal automatically.

Or if it’s not possible to hide the Blocs, it could be just a “Buy Now” button with a timer.

Suggestions? Thx.

Hi @eduardoborges,

Yes this is something that would need to be coded. At first thought it would be rather complicated to implement. I would suggest that you are getting into the realm of freelancing that out to someone who codes.

Hello @eduardoborges do you need to show content and the video continues or in the end of the video it will redirect for a different page?